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Default Re: 100 NL - JJ - coordinated flop

his bet seems to be nothing more than a continuation with air

[/ QUOTE ]

why would he be c-betting in hero's pot?

[/ QUOTE ]

He called a raise preflop. He's first to act postflop. This is not "Hero's pot." It's still up for grabs. Call the bet what you like.

[/ QUOTE ]

when i raise preflop and get a caller, i have control of the pot - it's my pot. when i raise preflop and someone bets into me, i don't have control of the pot anymore.

raising an overpair w/ an open ended draw on THAT board after being bet into seems very donk-ish to me.

i'd just call the flop bet from villain. you have position and a decent hand to see another card with.

if villain calls your flop raise and leads the turn you're done with the hand. if you just call, you keep the pot small with your marginal holdings... hope this makes sense.
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