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Default Re: 100 NL - JJ - coordinated flop

Im having a hard time figuring this hand out as well.

Will a 40/10 player lead the flop if he flopped a big hand against a PFR? Probably not, slowplaying / checkraising would be the line most of these guys would take (generalization but I dont have aggression figures here)

I think hero can take from that that villain likely does not have a big hand yet. Since hero is drawing at the good end of the straight as well and has an overpair, you're likely ahead. If we assume you're ahead and have position and the good side draw, why not let the turn come instead of trying to win the flop? This is not a board i want to play a huge pot in if possible.

As played, I think he's got a piece and a draw. Your correct turn line given that guess is to bet if he checks, and call if he bets. If he open pushes, i'm rethinking that read [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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