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Default Re: What is your push range here?

I am certain I have no fold equity here. The bb is getting 2.25:1 on a call which translates to the need to have 30% equity. So he would be justified in calling with any 2 cards. I would push all in here with all but my weakest holdings. Pushing all in here with 23o or 24o is just reckless imo.

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You're assuming that the BB knows what you know and will call. This assumption was not the basis on which we were operating, in fact the question states we're NOT operating under that premise because it says he'll call with DECENT holdings, meaning he's not calling with any two based on our read.

Just cause YOU'D call with any 2, just because it makes sense to call with any two doesn't mean that our opponent will.

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Why should we ever have a hypothetical poker question based on something that will never happen, seems kinda pointless. Maybe part of the read is also that the BB will have 2-7os EVERYTIME we play the hand. In which case, I push 8 high.
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