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Default Re: Buffett, Gates, & Harrington on hold\'em

I don't think IQ matters as much as effort.

[/ QUOTE ] Agreed. It's when effort is equal that it gets interesting.

while a relatively dumb person who works hard to internalize the principles and apply them to his game can be a big winner.

[/ QUOTE ] It gets trickier at this point. My observation is that the dumber you get the more you think in terms of 'rules' and 'specifics' and less in terms of broad underlying principles that flex with the changing variables in the environment.

It almost doesn't matter what the subject matter is. Balancing a ton of variables in your head and weighing short-term goals vs long-term goals and doing it well in a very short time frame is one advantage intelligent people have over less so.

You'll have a lineup of people wanting to be taught "what do I do in X situation". Or at least some formula to apply. In a certain subset of situations you can codify actions, but 'it depends' holds sway in too many not to create a gap.
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