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Default Re: Two easy bluffs?

2-3-5 NLH. $10 bring-in. All important stack sizes are irrelevantly deep.

Hand 1:
I have Presto in MP, 3 limpers, I make it 30, button makes it 90, BB calls, limpers fold, I call. Pot ~$300.

Flop TT8 two-suited. BB checks, I check, button bets $75, BB folds, I call.

Turn is an 8. I check, button bets $75, I make it $275.

Button is a plumber.

Hand 2:
I have 52o in cutoff+1. 3 limpers, I limp, button limps, BB completes. Pot ~$60.

Flop KT3 with 2 clubs. Checked around.

Turn is an offsuit 4. Checked to me, I bet $50, button calls, everyone else folds.

River is an offsuit 8. I bet $75, Button raises $150 more, I raise $300 more.

Button is a very serious-looking player.


[/ QUOTE ]

Hand #1: Villain's $75 bet on the turn is pathetic. He has nothing, or quads.

Hand #2: serious guys don't call the pot on the turn on a draw; he's got something. BUT it's not a set. So you might get him to lay it down.

I tend not to reraise with a bluff on the river, I don't think it's very profitable.

It's all about your reads, I guess. I don't like making a move in hand #1 because of the $90 preflop (what are people doing that with? AK as well as pairs?) and I don't like it in hand #2 because I don't think opponent is on a missed draw.
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