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Default Re: Two pair, first hand of 55

In a 6 way limped pot, i think you want to keep the pot small on the turn. While i'm usually very aggressive with bottom 2, you were called by FOUR people on the flop with a relatively drawless board. 910s has you drawing very slim, and its realistically out there. I think a set raises you on that flop, unless UTG has it. I doubt J8/J7 is out there. J10 might be there. I can't decide.

On the turn, that is the best card you could have hoped to see. Your two options are 1) bet out and re-evaluate if raised, or 2) check and see how your table acts. If there is a bet and a raise to you, i think you can safely fold this hand (too weak?)

I'm not used to playing with 1000 chips, so in my normal 800 tourneys, i think i'm pushing/check raising all in. Here you have more room to get away if you think you're beat.
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