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too bad i play low-limit. i won't deny that hte room is decent, and has decent action. but it is nothing to the rooms in L.A. that i got to play in for the 6 months i was living there last year. i mean, if i wanted a LL game, i had about 15 or 20 to choose from between 1-2 up to 4-8. a little higher was the 6-12 and there was always an abundance of those. the tournaments were cool. not to mention all the mid/high limit tables. plus, a variety of games. stud, HE, stud8, Omaha8, OmahaHigh, Mexican poker & Pineapple (i never played these, but they had plenty of tables)

at Harrah's in east chicago, we have 1-5 and 2-10 stud. lowest limit HE is 4-8. then an OCCASIONAL 6-12. next jump is 10-20, 15-30, 20-40, and 50-100. some mixed games, like HOSE or alternating between O8 and Stud8. i think i have seen a 40-80 there. not much else there. occasional 5-10 Omaha8 game. thats it for the entire area.
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