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Default Re: What would you rather have?

I don't think there's a right answer. It's kind of a silly question... like, when I have the K-5-K do I know that I'm up against A-J-7s? If so, it's pretty easy to play the hand perfectly, and vice versa. In general, I'll take the 60-40 favorite and stick with K-5-K.

Part of what will make a difference is who the opponent is. The "typical" lines with these hands (as far as how I would play them) is that I'd almost always take the K-5-K hand to the river unless I were against a predictable opponent whose play assured me I was beaten, and I'd take the A-J-7s hand to 5th street and dump it if I hadn't picked up a pair or a 4-flush, pretty much regardless of my opponent. (By the way, is this the correct "general" line for the 3-flush hand heads up?)

Against a weak opponent, I wouldn't really care which hand I had. He's likely to pay me off as an underdog either way, and if he's tight and predictable then I'll know when to let either hand go.

Against a good opponent, I'd take the K-5-K and the 60-40 edge to start every time.
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