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Default Re: Et tu, Brute?

This question is WAY too complicated to be answered in the form of a poll, and not only because the qualitative factors are not clearly defined, but...

brutus: supposedly a roman comitted to the 'democratic' process that was taken for a ride by the power hungry cassius and company, duped into the belief that their actions was something other than a power grab by the rich elite.

Ceaser: roman leader that hads REFUSED an offering of a crown/dictatorship- thus the idea that he was killed to preserve democracy is a BS cover for the disposessed powerful aristocrats like the conspiritors that were being marginalized by J's growing influence...

Agustus (octavian): brilliant statesman and general, far, far better for rome than democracy, ceaser, brutus, M antony cassius, or any other potential leader. garuenteed rome's dominance for centuries. had degenerate children/descendants- too bad.

rome: never really a democracy anyway.

Hadrian, Trajen, constantine, etc: good emperors, garunteed that the latin/western tradition would dominate european power structures for centuries

Nero, calugia, tiberius, etc: bad emperors

and so on...
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