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Default Strange Computer Glitch -- Grey 3\" box in the middle of screen - VIRUS

First, I have run a billion and three spybot, adaware, blah blah blah -- Norton is up to date (2006) blah blah blah -- and I have no viruses or any other problems *that are being detected*.

Here is the situation:

From time to time, seemingly at random, a 3" x 3" grey box will appear in the middle of my screen. It has TWO smiley faces in it -- one is actually a frowny face and the other (green and lit) is a smiley face.

This "box" overlays everything and covers anything in beneath it.

Even when it goes to screen saver -- the box is there.

The only way to get rid of it is to shutdown.

Then, sometimes it will appear in a few minutes ... and sometimes not for hours ... and it doesn't just appear when I, say, load a particular piece of software.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before?

No one I know has and with this being the holidays, getting someone to physically look at it for a few days is going to be a challenge.

Any suggestions?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Barron Vangor Toth
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