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Default Re: Checking other people\'s stats on me

Do not believe it is possible. You have no way of knowing if he mined some of your tables when he wasn't there or just when he played against you. Do not think someone would only mine when he played against you and no way to determine what he has mined and hasn't. The stats you have on players can be very misleading as well without a lot of hands on the player. Ever sit at a table where player has 5 times the buyin, you only have 100 hands or so on them and shows they are down 1 stack. VP$IP and other stats such as aggression may be more valid but still not accurate with a small sample (couple of hundred)size but others take a very long time to become reliable. To know how players may view you on the session you are currently playing just use PokerAce HUD with your stats on the table for current session only.
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