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Default Re: Larry Brown: Legend or Luckbox?

My theory as to why they are better this year. This team has played together for three years now, everyone is use to each other, and has matured greatly.

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Isn't this the same with the Spurs? IIRC, the Pistons handled them pretty easily last week...something they couldn't do last year. Obviously, it's one game, but I'm sure you see where I'm going...

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Did you not watch the Finals at all?

The Pistons got blown out of the water in the first 2 games in SA. Granted, they were coming off a grueling 7-game series with the Heat, while the Spurs polished off a Joe Johnson-less Suns team in 5 games. Either they weren't used to the Spurs, or they were tired, they sucked ass the first 2 games.

If you take a look at the last 5 games of the series, if it wasn't for Sheed trapping Ginobili in the corner and leaving Robert Horry wide open for the three in OT of Game 5, the Pistons would have won 4 of the last 5. Coulda shoulda woulda... I'm not complaining; the Spurs played brilliantly and deserved the title. I'm just saying the Pistons played nobly last year as well.

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And my point was that the Pistons seem that much better this year. I'm trying to get at as to why.
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