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Default Re: Good Taj stories?

5-6 fist fights.

[/ QUOTE ]


Last spring I'm playing 3/6 at about 10:00 PM. All of a sudden some younger guy at the first table over by the cage (another 3/6 game) starts screaming at someone else at the table. He's screaming "Come on, buddy! You want to go? Let's go outside right now!" etc, trying to pick a fight. After about 3 mins of this tirade it becomes obvious he's yelling at this older guy (in his 60's or so).

At this point he's starting to make aggressive moves towards the guy, who hasn't left his seat or done anything that I can see. One floorwoman is walking over by us, snickering, with her back to the action. No other floor is over there, and security is nowhere to be seen.

This continues for a bit longer with no house intervention whatsoever, until a 20-something guy built like a brick chit-house gets up from a table over by the rail, walks towards the action and yells "If you're going to swing at someone, you're swinging at me!!!" and keeps walking towards the table.

Loudmouth sits down like a scolded puppy dog and not another peep is heard. Whole room erupts in applause. Only then do two "security guards" appear, and they don't even walk the guy who was yelling that whole time.

And then people wonder why the place has the reputation it does.
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