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Default Re: Good Taj stories?

I was getting destroyed at a fishy 2/4 OH8 table by n00bs playing any 4, and flopped the nut flush against a weak/tight woman you capped the K-high flop. Turn K she bet I called, river blank she took awhile and bet, I called, and said "just show me the boat" she said "nope, only two pair...flips over one king...then slowrolls the 2nd saying "KINGS AND KINGS!" as the whole table laughs and congratulates her with pats on the back. VNH fat whore. I am steaming big time and leave. Then I hit a $2500 jackpot on a slot machine. Phew.

[/ QUOTE ]

So you called two big bets with a flush against a weak/tight player when the top card on the board paired?

Pretty fishy game indeed.
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