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Default Re: Good Taj stories?

Here is a good Taj story. I was at the Taj late in the summer (I think late August) playing some 1/2 NL. As we were waiting for my last friend to go around the table once more my other friend and I took a walk to the bathrooms and decided to walk out on the boardwalk for a minute. Its about 4:30AM at this point and is still dark out. There are some carnival looking trailers lined up on the boardwalk with picnic tables in between them that vendors sell things during the day. Well we happen to spot a guy and a girl on one of the picnic tables. They are both naked and are going at it at this point. We start pointing and laughing our asses off and others start to notice and join in on the fun. There are about 10 people there now watching these two have full on sex on the boardwalk, pretty much in plain view. One of the gawkers who joined us decided he is going to casually walk by them and attempt to start up a conversation. As he approaches them casually, the girl who is riding the guy is startled and stands up covering herself up. The guy proceeds to take off down the boardwalk wearing NO CLOTHES whatsoever, with boxers in hand. HILARious!!!

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terrible attempt to make up a story, people just don't do this, not even in AC.
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