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Default Re: if you could trade places with one celebrity...

Jesus Christ I had no idea he at one point looked so normal. Mick always seemed to look like Mick, but Richards looks like he came from another planet.

I wouldn't mind being Matt Damon or Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Those guys live really sweet lives and are able to get into projects that are really worth doing and being proud of. And Damon and Clooney are quite smart and talented. I wouldn't mind being Ben Affleck either -- very smart, very good looking, rich, Oscar winning writer at a very young age, very good poker player, gives chicks a pass that half the nation is slobbering over -- I'm not that fond of his movies at all, but he's young still and has it together in a huge way.

I think Oscar De La Hoya has had to eat some decisions and bad luck that were unusual for a guy of his talent, and that must have been really tough and humbling, but that guy has lived a pretty charmed life and I bet he's having a ball 24/7. I wouldn't mind being in his place. Warts and all, he has his sh*t together to a degree that's extraordinary for a boxer, and for anyone else too.
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