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Default Re: Why is PartyPoker the biggest online poker site?

Are Full Tilt's ads better? If I were a casual player, does the prospect of knocking heads with Phil Ivey or Howard and the rest of the sharks really want to make me play? Party Poker ads show idiots having fun. That sounds more like it.

Besides, Full Tilt is a late entry. Party Poker started big advertising right when the Poker boom started. The other sites at the time actually reduced promotion. Party was at the right place at the right time and made the right move. The rest of the poker world has been playing catch-up ever since.

Another factor is cash in. Party Poker has carried over it's experience with credit card processing from it's old porn business. I have never had a problem depositing with my MasterCard with Party. With other sites, there is now a whole 3rd Party Industry created, Neteller, firepay, epassporte, etc. to try to get your money into these sites.

Some sites have called me on the phone to verify my identity, asked for faxed copies of my DL, passport, utility bills, etc. Think a casual player wants to do all that to spew a few chips at a table?

Cash out. My first online experience was with a crypto site. Wait three weeks for a check to arrive, since that was the only cash out option I had (being a newbie, I didn't have the fancy 3rd party net accounts set up yet, who does?) Pacific Poker? Wait a week and a half for them to process your cash out request.

With Party Poker, 48 hours, bam! the cash is in my bank account. No hassle to set that up with Party. I think people underestimate what the ease of getting money in and out of a site and the casual fish player relationship. No transactions fees with Party, quick, easy, and probably the one thing they don't mess up with too much.

But don't worry. Party poker has buggy software with errors that have not been fixed for years. Every aspect of their upgrades and timing is a cluster. Their customer support is legendary for being clueless and non-responsive. It is rare for them to offer a promotion without messing the whole thing up. Their promotional point system is a joke (unless you really like beanies). ETC. ETC. ETC. ENJOY! ENJOY!

In short, they are doing everything possible to screw up their number #1 position. I think eventually their greed and general lack of customer service or care will be their undoing. They will probably make a good future MBA case study of how to destroy your lucky #1 position and fade away.
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