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Default Re: flopping the nuts and folding??

folding top set on a QJ2 board or in your 9987 example is just plain wrong. In your example you're getting 2:1 which just happens to be the chance that you'll fill up by the river in two cards(well a little less since you have one of your 8's). Oh and did i mention you have the best hand! Take a look at the ev on your nightmare scenario

pokenum -o 9c 9s 8h 7h - as ad 6d 2s - 7d td js qs -- 9d 8d 3c
Omaha Hi: 666 enumerated boards containing 3c 9d 8d
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
9s 9c 8h 7h 253 37.99 413 62.01 0 0.00 0.380
As 2s Ad 6d 164 24.62 502 75.38 0 0.00 0.246
Qs Js Td 7d 249 37.39 417 62.61 0 0.00 0.374

This is your absolute worst scenario and you still have the best equity. You can pass in this situation if you like but I for one will happily raise all in.
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