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Default Re: flopping the nuts and folding??

I don't think it's that dumb, but I think it's rare you would do this.

I was playing in an 8 person PLO game. and maybe I'm weak tight, but I folded 9987 (DS) when the flop game 983 - 2 of one suit that I didn't have any of.

I was in the cutoff - the pot had been raised by a MP, and called by 3 other players, including the BB. I have played with both of them before, and knew they were experienced and winning PLO low limit players.

On the Flop the BB opened for pot (~$12). The MP then re-raised Pot. At this point I was pretty sure I was up against the following (between the 2 of them)

A Nut Flush Draw(probably containing AA), and a good wrap with another high pair (Like QQ). So even though I was ahead on the flop, I didn't want to call that much with my 9s, as I had little change to improve. I knew a raise would be called by the second player at least as I only had about $55 at the table at the time. And I was pretty sure that the BB might call too if he had what I thought he had.
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