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Sorry, to hear about Ray Michael B. passing away (Mason Malmuth post, this thread). I read Ray's book, in manuscript form, years ago, before it was published. I couldn't make heads, nor tales of it. Ray Michael played a lot of Stud, back in the days of Caesar's Palace poker room. Someone told me, Ray was a retired surgeon. I guess Ray was in his late sixties, when he died. Ray liked to play cards. The last room he frequented was Harrah's, East Chicago, Indiana, although he stopped playing there, long before his demise. Like me, Ray found Harrah's quasi poker room, a hard act to follow, behind Caesar's Palace room, before it closed. It is almost, as if, Caesar's was the last poker room, with any "class", in Vegas. I think Ray was probably a happy guy, before he died. Ray looked "kind of Asian", but I don't know his ethnicity. I know, he had a pretty, young white girlfriend, he brought to Harrah's a few times. Well, rest in peace Ray. It was a pleasure, playing 30/60 Stud with you.
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