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I was thinking of buying the book Poker Farce, but after reading the following review from BJ21, I think maybe the 2+2 description of the book needs to be a little more precise about the type of book it is.

PokerFarce book review

Posted By: Bill Haywood on 22 March 02, 8:27 a.m.

_PokerFarce and PokerTruth_ by Ray Michael B. is a recent title from 2+2, the premier poker publisher.

This book was a disappointment, I only made it a third of the way through and determined it wasn't getting any better.

I thought I was buying a book where you would look over the shoulder of the author while he explains what he's thinking during a challenging game. But Ray is not serious enough to have careful notes from an actual game that is painstakingly reconstructed. He just blabs away with his general observations about life and poker. I think many people might enjoy it -- it's quality tavern blabbing -- but it got old quick for me.

The writer is a character with many exceptionally clever turns of phrase and is probably a blast in person. You will like this book if you are looking for light humor, but not if you are looking for poker information. It is like reading the material of the best student in a creative writing class. Cutsey generalities, but short on seriousness and never specific enough for the ideas to be testable. It is not quite a stream of consciousness, but close. It appears the second half of the book is an extended recreation of the battle of Midway and Pearl Harbor using poker terminology. That's an excellent metaphor Ray, and I'm sure it is thoroughly developed, and if I had to read it I'd probably give it an A.

I'll be waiting for outside opinions before buying any more 2+2 books. You can find my almost new copy at Amazon among the used books. Wish 2+2 had a money back guarantee like Snyder.

Completely agree

Posted By: Daliman on 22 March 02, 3:11 p.m. in response to: PokerFarce book review (Bill Haywood)

That book stinks, but there is a silver lining; you have already seen the only 2+2 book with no redeeming quality whatsoever. EVERY other book they have is worthwhile, if not extraordinary. Their poker books are nonpariel,(only Poker Tournament Strategies is less than a 9 in my book, coming in at a 7), and their BJ stuff is also excellent. If you're worried, in the future, BUY these books from the Bishop, he has them available too. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed by any of the other 2+2 offerings. BTW, I have all of them, except for the lowball and Poker Dealer's handbook, in my extensive(140+ books)library.

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