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Default Re: I\'m a winning player, but I\'m too tight!

I think suited connectors and AXs are more playable than you think. I don't think I'd play them UTG unless the table was loose, but in later positions I don't need a couple of limpers. I'd smooth call a raise and hope more people come in behind me. I'd almost rather play them in a raised pot. Nothing sucks worse than flopping a straight and having nobody else hit. If somebody raises pre-flop, you have more of a chance of getting paid off when you do hit.

Calling raises, is very read dependent for me. If I have 50 hands on a dude who has only raised 1 before. I'll fold AQ. If he is at 15%, I'll reraise .

The other examples you give, I agree with you. BTW I'm at 22% playing 9-max.
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