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Default Re: KTs in a kill pot 5/10@FW

You're drawing to the nuts with odds to call. Raising is an option because it may confuse folks, get you more action when you get there, and that bet may be headed in there anyway. But call.

[/ QUOTE ]

Even with the added information that its gonna be $60 to the river, not the $40? I know you are paying 2 bets than 1, but it could get capped by the original raiser and then its 2 bets and 2 bets to see that river. Also, don't we lose 1 out because the 3 [img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img] might not be good?

Just curious to see if that changes your opinion. I think the added information makes the play tougher, not easier. If I knew the button wouldn't raise, then I think its an easy call, but I'm not so sure in this spot.

Thanks for the response.

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