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Default Re: Do opponents bad play hurt me?

Hence the word "assuming" I got the correct calling ranges.

But here's an example.
4 players left, each 2500 chips blinds at 200/400.
Hero is SB with KJs
Even with maniac calling ranges for BB, this is a +$EV push (+1,2%)

However opponent in BB is looking down at A7o. He knows Aces are good. He likes to play aces. He remembers that Hero has been pushing a lot, so is probably pushing with lesser hands.

A7o vs KJs is a 53.7% favorite, making it a +cEV play for villain to call, especially because of blinds. But acording to SNGPT it is a -$EV call. So neither Hero nor villain is benefiting $-vise from this call. Which means it only benefits the remaining two players.

I know that at other times we benefit from their poor play, but since we tend to push more than non-2+2'ers....
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