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Default Re: Stars $11 Rebuy, 99 in multiway pot facing UTG big stack villain

I often bump this one up preflop, not a fan of sb/bb coming along free, and often MP1 will fold getting you HU with UTG.

Hand range - i don't think hes got an overpair to the board, often they put in an oversized raise on the flop because they didn't get to raise preflop. His range is huge, hands like 22-TT, and connectors he didn't want to fold preflop, as well as fishy A7 type of hands.

If the turn comes A-J and he checks, i'll lead here and expect him to fold. if the board pairs, i'll also bet. Cards that help connectors i will either lead or check behind to keep the pot small depending on the actual card and my mood. If he leads the turn, obv it depends on what the card is.

Generally i assume im ahead on this flop.
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