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Default Evidence AGAINST Christianity

In other threads, I have expressed my belief that when evaluated objectively, evidence for Christianity makes it more likely to be true than other religions (or atheism). Much of the evidence is circumstantial, but the substantial amount that exists makes Christianity worth considering. This includes evidence that the universe was created, that the universe was designed, that the Bible is true, that Jesus existed, and that the Resurrection took place, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, Sklanksy continues to preach the opposite!

"I have no qualms with people believing whatever they want to believe, as long as they aren't forcing those beliefs on others or using their beliefs to hurt people."

For me not to have a problem requires also that they admit that objective evidence points away from their belief.

[/ QUOTE ]
I bring this up because the only evidence I've ever seen David present AGAINST Christianity is:

1. The smarter the person, the less likely he is to be a Christian.

2. Because the world's major religions believe share opposing beliefs, each is an underdog to be right.

3. Christians have a disease similar to stroke victims who can't accept the fact that they are paralyzed. Therefore, Christians are unable to evaluate evidence objectively.

This evidence is based on David's opinions derived from his perspective. Not once has he referenced a study or a reasonable analysis as to why this evidence is correct.

As for #2, the way to determine whose beliefs are more likely to be correct is to evaluate the specific evidence. The simple fact that different people might hold opposing beliefs does not necessarily mean that one is not correct. It could very well be that because other beliefs are so similar, one of them is correct while the others are just close.
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