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Default Re: Am I a Nit?

well how old are you and how long have you been playing live 1/2 poker without moving up? over a year?

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Thirty. Yes. Why do I need to move up?

do you limp AK or QQ in early position?

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AK, limp, this hand sucks. QQ, raise it up.

do you pick on people who are younger and better looking than yourself merely because they have been more successful in their shorter poker careers?

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Not at all. I pick on people who let it be known that they are loaded and high rollin and going to clean up the toughest games in town, when they have had no experience doing such a thing. I do this, because I encounter these people everyday.

If I pass judgement on someone and am wrong, so be it. I have been wrong before. There are plenty of good, young, poker players. There are plenty of pretenders too.

Still didn't give me a definition.

[/ QUOTE ]

This just keeps getting better. The definition of nit=YOU.
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