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Default Re: Happy holidays!

I like your etimology, AC. But I kind of think being a politard is like an addiction. That would make it a disease with the symptoms of constantly wanting to press ones own political agenda and viewing every event as an opportunity to preach your doctrine and make converts. Thankfully, 2+2, in it's wisdom, gave us our own little corner so the unwilling were not forced to be subjected to suffer our malady along with us. This leaves us in the vicious cycle of trying to convert other, subdivided classifications of politards, over into our own classification. It's just evil. And further addicts you, I might add.

But, it's Christmas. So be with those who make you happy, do what makes you happy and be happy, even if the only thing that makes you happy is being miserable.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men, and all the other well intentioned misguided cliches where we try to awkwardly convey good cheer that is sometimes misunderstood.
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