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Default Re: Stud 8 low limit hand at Stars - worked out, but any misplays?

Note:Although the more conservative views about this hand are well presented & perhaps correct,I just can't see the hand as being that weak,myself(obviously).

[/ QUOTE ]

Everything you say is true, but the pot is so small. If it were a few BB larger then no question; we should continue. As it is we are only talking about 3 bets in each side of the pot and a bunch of passive (or allin) opponents who will not jam the pot with us should we hit. That is the biggest factor making me lean toward folding. (Also, even if Mr. Ace does not yet have a low, he is very likely drawing smoother than we are. Second best and weak draws in both directions are not where I want to be in a pot this small.)

Still, good thoughts (and I am learning).
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