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Default Home Entertainment cabling.. and hot chick links

Since I just devirginized my title box on accident with my first *, I figured I'd try the double play of posting a new topic, and many hot girls in an attempt to apologize.

I recently got a Tivo with my rewards points, and am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to set up everything to one system. Right now I have all of the following that I want to go into the same television:

Playstation II
Cable Box

I have three inputs on my tv, one coax, the other two standard video, so the old layout was:

Xbox -> TV Input 1
DVD -> TV Input 2
Cable Box AND Playstation II -> VCR -> TV Input three

I got no dukes on how to fit the Tivo into this plan. What's everyone elses's set up like? If you have suggestions for mine, good times, but in general, I'm just curious what other people have and how their cable jumble is set up.

Oh, and now for some hot women... I love WBW... I hate that they won't let me direct link, or more specifically I am too dumb to figure it out.... Links are probably NSFW

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