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Default Probability of one OR more person getting dealt hands XX-YY

Hi I am working on a chart and I was wondering how to calculate the following question.

If I have JJ there are 19 out of 1225 hands that call my all in if they could see my cards. Therefore, headsup, there is a 19/1225 chance that someone calls me.

If there are 2 people behind me, what are the odds that one OR both people have one of those 19 hands? Remember, while there are 6 possible combinations of AA, if one person has AA, the other person can only get Aces of a different suit.

Could someone give me a general equation for:
X=number of hands that call me (it would be soemthing out of 1225)
Y = number of players still to act behind me
Z = probability of someone (one or more) getting a hand that calls me.

Thank you for your time.
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