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Default Re: Protecting Top 2 Pair on a 3-FL board.

The preflop call wasn't horrible IMO. He only made a small raise.

As for post flop... ooh, that's tough. He was pretty dumb to call you there. His big bet out gave you a good reason to push. If he flopped a flush there's no way he bets out that much at you. So you have a good reason to think he's on a semi-bluff with like A-X with one heart, or a pocket pair with one heart.

Still though, even if you knew with 100% certainty that he was playing a 4-flush draw, there's a decent chance he makes it (plus, he could also be playing a K-Q with one heart for a straight and flush draw). That early in the tournament, I would probably lay it down and live to fight another day. I wouldn't be happy about it though.
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