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Default Re: Difficult Turn Decision

Typical WA/WB situation.

[/ QUOTE ]

this is not at all a WAWB situation. if we're ahead, we may only be slightly ahead of a flush draw (with a redraw, of course). if we're behind a straight, we still have a 36% chance of boating up. we're only way ahead of one/two pair or lower set and only way behind TTT.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thank You. WA/WB is the most mis/overused term on these forums. I even see people applying it to river situations.

This couldn't be LESS of a WA/WB situation.

Here is a text book WA/WB situation. You call a raise with AK and the flop comes K22 rainbow. There is no hand that villain can have that is drawing to greater than 2 outs when behind nor have you drawing to greater than 2 outs when ahead. The idea behind identifying such situations is that large bets and raises are likely -EV in these spots.
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