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Default Re: Grinding or fish?

Dear God:

I spent a year floundering around on micro limits at UB (I won $2.50 on a jackpot hand on a free table back when they had jackpots). I got it as high as $85 and then was back down around $10 2 weeks later. I had read 1 book and figured I could beat the game... WRONG!

The above poster that said be a student of the game is dead on. If you want to beat the game you have to learn how to beat the game. It can be done. The on-line games are filled with guys/gals like I used to be. They suck. But you have to understand how they suck and what to do to exploit their suckiness. Buy/borrow/getfromLibrary books that will teach you the game. Read these forums. Pick 1 form of poker (Limit hold 'em? NL Hold 'Em? SingleTableTournyHold'Em? 7 card stud?) and become VERY VERY good at it. Then expand.

1 year after floundering I'm playing 3/6 6-max with rakeback and bonus and making some extra money every month. I still suck have tons to learn, I just suck less.

Good Luck to you sir!
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