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Default Re: Anyone employ the martingale strategy when clearing casino bonuses

Theres nothing wrong with doing it this way, but youre are increasing your variance by quite a bit, and you are not infact increasing your EV at all using this or any other system.

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Yes, you are increasing your EV by busting out early some of the time. When you bust out, you don't have to pay the house advantage on the rest of the wagering requirement. This is a very useful strategy if you can accept some variance and the wagering requirements are large.

Imagine you are playing a game with a 1% HA, and you have to wager 100 times the bonus. If you grind it out with tiny bets, you will give up the whole bonus. If you bet everything on the first hand, then grind it out if you win, you will get to keep a little bit less than half of the bonus on average.

I rarely use a martingale. To increase the chance of busting out early, I usually flat-bet a large amount. This has some side benefits, as some casinos send me nice reload bonuses if I bust out quickly.
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