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Default How not to play when it\'s heads ups (complete HU-HH. Long)

We all know that aggression is crucial when playing HU. So I donít think thereís a lot to learn, but I just feel that this is amazing. All the following hands are from when a 180 man SNG got HU. I had my opponent pegged as extremely passive from when we were down to about five players, and was dreaming of me and him heads up. My dream came through and even though I didnít play particular well, I ran over him with very few problems.

How not to plays head up:

Blinds 2k/4k/200
Hand 1
Me: 167K, him: 103K
He completes, I check with 96s, flop KJ3 he bets 2k, I fold

Hand 2
Me: 162K, him: 108K
I raise to 12k with K8o, he reraises to 28k, I call and fold to a 20k bet on a 733 flop.

Hand 3
Me: 134K, him: 136K
I have 73o and fold to a 12k raise. After only 3 hands, Iím pretty disappointed. Apparently he is actually able to adjust to heads up play. Maybe this isnít going to be a walk in the park after all?

Hand 4
Me: 130K, him: 140K
I complete with 85s and call his miniraise. Flop is a acceptable K55, and I call his 4K. Turn is a third diamond so I raise his 4K to 16K and buy it

Hand 5
Me: 146K, him: 124K
I get QQ and spontaneously decide to vomit when he folds his small blind

Hand 6
Me: 148K, him: 122K
KTo. He folds to my 12k raise

Hand 7
Me: 152K, him: 118K
I fold to his 12k raise with K2o

Hand 8
Me: 148K, him: 122K
I complete with 65s and he check-folds the 952 flop

Hand 9
Me: 152K, him: 118K
I get another walk in the BB with 72s

Hand 10
Me: 154K, him: 116K
K9o. He folds to my 12k raise

Hand 11
Me: 159K, him: 111K
He completes, I check my J4o. He bets 4k on a A63 flop and I buy it with a raise to 12k

Hand 12
Me: 167K, him: 103K
I complete with 75o and he check-folds to 8k with 642 on the board

Hand 13
Me: 171K, him: 99K
I call his 12k raise with 76o but fold to his 20k bet on a 432 rainbow-flop

Hand 14
Me: 159K, him: 111K
I raise to 12k because I have 84o. He calls. We check the 259 flop and he bets 4k into the 24k pot when another 2 comes on the turn. I decide that heís full of censored and call him, slowplaying my illusive trip 2ís. River is a K and he tries with another 4k, which I raise to 20k and take it down with my 8 high

Hand 15
Me: 179K, him: 91K
He raise 16k which I havenít seen before. I reluctantly fold my 87o

Hand 16
Me: 175K, him: 95K
I complete with 83o but the SOB raises another 8k so I let him have it

Hand 17
Me: 171K, him: 91K
I call his miniraise with 98o and bet out 12k on the 854-flop. He folds

Hand 18
Me: 179K, him: 91K
I put on my tricky hat and complete with A8s. He bets 32k(!!) into the 8.4k pot on a A43 flop. Iím puzzled but decide that although passive, he has paid enough attention to know that Iíd probably raise any ace preflop. Therefore heís probably just trying to take it down. I donít see him extreme-overbetting the flop with an ace. I raise him all-in and he folds

Hand 19
Me: 215K, him: 55K
He raises the 4k blind to 24k. Another WTF? I fold T9o

Hand 20
Me: 211K, him: 59K
I complete with Q7o. No one bets at the A26 flop and when he also checks the turn, I take it with a 8k bet

Hand 21
Me: 215K, him: 55K
I get my third walk in the BB. This time I have 32o

Hand 22
Me: 217K, him: 53K
I raise my A4o to 12k and he runs like a girl

Hand 23
Me: 222K, him: 48K
T4o gets a walk

Hand 24
Me: 226K, him: 44K
The funniest hand of the lot: I complete my 75o and call his miniraise. We check it all the way to the river (I donít remember why I didnít took a stab). The board reads Q69JA and we split it as he shows his miniraising requirements: 72o!?!?! I certainly agree with him that that hand is not worth more than a very small raise

Hand 25
Me: 226K, him: 44K
I fold 98o to his 12k raise

Hand 26
Me: 222K, him: 48K
I raise to 12k with KTo. He calls. Again I donít bet at the pot on the 334AQ board. Very strange. However I do win it, as his T8s is no good. He been passive all the way and suddenly T8s is good enough to call a raise? Either he has been extremely cold decked or heís getting desperate. My vote is on the latter.

Hand 27
Me: 232K, him: 38K
Another walk with K9o

Hand 28
Me: 234K, him: 36K
I complete and call his miniraise with T7o. He bets 20k on a Q-high flop and I hand it to him

Hand 29
Me: 226K, him: 44K
My sixth walk in the BB. This time itís QJo that doesnít get to play

Hand 30
Me: 228K, him: 42K
I raise to 12k with K6o. End of hand

Hand 31
Me: 232K, him: 38K
94s. Walk no. 7

Hand 32
Me: 235K, him: 35K
I complete with 93s and again call his miniraise. I bet out 12k with the board reading 972 two-tone. He raise me all-in, I call another 17k and since his AJ doesnít improve itís Ďggí.

Wow that was actually more boring that I wouldíve thought. But now that I have written it, I might as well post it.

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