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Default Re: Odds with suited aces

Flopped full house = 18

Flopped flush = 165

Flopped [flush] draw = 2,145 (Approximately 1 in 6 of these will include a pair on the board . . . 9h-3h-3s, however some will give YOU a pair and a draw . . . Ac-9h-3h for example).

Flopped trip 6s = 132

Flopped trip As = 132 (Not much of a flop to A-6)

Flopped two-pair = 396 (This refers only to flops of A-6-X. Flops such as A-2-2 are not counted as these two pair are not what you're aiming for - doubly true for A-7-7)


Bottom line is you'll get a flop you either like, love, or worship approximately 1 time in 7.


Note that the threat of being counterfeited when you do flop two pair is worthy of consideration. This will occur just over 4% of the time if the third flop card is below your "6" and ~ 12.5% of the time if the odd card is a above your "6".

Leading to the caveat, if you don't have the extra bonus of making a straight (A-2,3,4,5) the higher the better; A-9 is quite a bit better than A-6 - for this in addition to other reasons. The difference is not as pronounced as with A-K vs A-J but there is a notable diference.
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