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Getting back to the seedings, Brazil aside it's difficult to say how good any of those teams really are at the minute.
The WC is the only time that we see teams from the differing regions playing against eachother in full battle(don't tell me friendlies, they don't count)

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You've made some good points Brudder RRRRRICK...

Just one correction. There is anudder competition which teams from different Confederations play against each other.

Its not a big highlight but it is usually played 1 year before the WC as a prep or trial run. During our Northern summer this year the FIFA Confederarions Cup was played in Germany. In this competition each confederation champion is invited. Our OZ team was there and - Guess who represented CONCACAF.

It was Mexico!!!!

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But again not a great deal can be taken from it.

Nations competing in the Confeds Cup don't take in that seriously.
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