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Default Re: Evidence AGAINST Christianity

<font color="blue"> I bring this up because the only evidence I've ever seen David present AGAINST Christianity is: </font>

You do not need to present evidence against something for which no realiable evidence exists in the first place.

<font color="blue">Not once has he referenced a study or a reasonable analysis as to why this evidence is correct. </font>

You are correct about this and I agree it would be helpful and productive to cite a reference before making such claims.

<font color="blue"> As for #2, the way to determine whose beliefs are more likely to be correct is to evaluate the specific evidence. </font>

There IS no specific evidence! You will run into some of the same problems with someone who believes in another God as an atheist will run into with you. That is, all he has to do is at some point force you to prove a negative. He will then use your inabililty to do so to justify his beliefs.
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