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Very complex topic, which unfortunatley means that it will be hard to get a discussion going on it.

There are a few plays possible depending on the factors you list, but among the least important (I think) is the cards you hold. If you have AA, you're not exactly defending, are you? Anyway my defenses include:

-Shove with cheese. Things I DON'T shove with are weak Aces, Kings or Queens. If I get called, I want two live cards. Suited connectors or any pair are nice.

-Stop & Go. An oldie but a goodie. Again, you don't even need a hand.

Either of these is nice if you are relatively short-stacked. (ie. if you have 30BB pushing is probably a bit much.) You do, however, have to make sure you have FE with the villain.

-If you and the villain are deeper, and you think he can be counted upon to c-bet, I've been playing around with the option of calling, and then check-raising the flop. More chips for you.

Then there is the option of re-raising a CO's steal if you are on the button. It's not defending, just a more elaborate and profitable steal, but worth thinking about in the same category. In a brief post that struck me like a bolt out of the blue, MLG said that if you never do this, you are leaving a lot of chips on the table.
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