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Default Re: Catholic v. Christian

2nd century = 100s and 3rd =200s.

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Yes... and 100s is 100-200 years after Christ, and 200s is 200-300 years after Christ. Year 299 = 3rd Century = 299 years after Christ = 200-300 years after Christ.

(I should have said 100-300 years after Christ in my first response.)

And what is important is the amount of time between the death of the last apostle and a certain writing which narrows the gap 60+ years.

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My point was that the book of Acts which "documents" beliefs and practices of the first Christians (Apostles), is used by many Pentecostal denominations as a "guidebook" on "true" Christianity. I'm not sure how your response addresses this -- not that it matters, anyway.
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