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Default Re: Anyone else get depressed around the holidays?

if you have any tendancy towards SAD - (seasonal Affliction disorder) and live up north, winter drives you indoors and the short daylight hours can bring a guy down...

I dunno - I've had my ups and downs - this year was less about depression and more about just not giving a [censored] about the holidays - I didn't even buy anyone a present and I have one at home from family I haven't even opened yet - (it's clothes every year anyways)

so it happens - I remember seeing this video - Dave Koz? - some sax player doing a christmas tune - I saw it on the American West flight to Vegas - and it showed all these happy couples sipping champagne and everyone sitting around like a nice upper class Christmas party...

and I remember how many broke and hurting people there are this Christmas with all the natural disasters, and it just feels like [censored] to me - the idea that to show your love and brotherly goodwill that you go 2K into hock to buy gifts for people you never talk to...and you sit around like a pretentous [censored] while everyone gets close by the fireplace in the 2 mil. home. I wouldn't be in that room if you paid me 50K -

Well, I would, but I'd fall off the wagon and get shitfaced drunk to get thru it.

I'm turning into Scrooge - good times

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