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Default Re: Negreanu\'s article about playing Dreamclown HU


So far, I really havenít faced the best online. Dreamclown is a talented young player, but he is hard headed and is simply destined to go broke. His fundamentals are so flawed that he could never overcome it with his excellent preflop play.

[/ QUOTE ]

Was this a typo on Negreanu's part. Earlier in the article he seems to be critical of Dreamclown's preflop strategy. Did he mean excellent postflop play instead?


[/ QUOTE ]

sounds like a jab to me. He alludes to how dreamclown has figured out everything mathmatically PF, then adds the part at the end, cuz as we all know, post flop play is where its at.

The whole article to me feels like daniel has a chip on his shoulder about something.
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