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For wanting a relationship with this girl instead of [censored] her so that any chance of that or a friendship is nil?

Yeah, she asked about condoms. She was smashed though. In my experience screwing a girl when she is drunk makes her feel like a whore/she was taken advantage of, which nixes any chance of a relationship. My goal was a relationship, not a cheap [censored]. I could get that from a number of the drunk sororostitutes at the bar.

[/ QUOTE ]

dude, she wanted to [censored] you and i imagine shes old enough to make those decisions. guys get all [censored] up in the head when they put chicks on a pedistal like this. and then kill themselves when they come home one day and jamal hunglow from the hoops team is horsing their little becky while watching BET.

of course you can have a relationship with her! its apparent she is into you, so thats out of the way. ask her if she wants to hang out the next time you see her. no wait, GO see her.
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