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PREFLOP: Standard

FLOP: Against 3 opponents, including the button who coldcalled your 3 bet and the BB who called 2 small bets cold, on a T96 board, a board that certainly has helped someone, I would check here. A flop bet by you has no strategic value, since on this board against 3 opponents you are going to have to show down the best hand to win, I would check here and hope the button checks behind.

Given that you bet, and everyone called and the original raiser checkraises for value, you must fold. I know you are getting 17.66-1, but these odds are an illusion. When a logical player checkraises the flop for value it almost always means a monster hand or a monster draw. Well there is no flush draw out there, and based on this guys stats, he doesnt raise QJs utg. So when this guy checkraises here, he is basically flipping over his cards and telling you he has TT or 99 for a flopped set. So you need to fold to this flop checkraise despite the huge pot odds your getting becuz you are already drawing dead.

TURN: Given that you called flop checkraise, I would raise the turn and fold to a 3 bet. I would raise the turn hoping this opponent played the flop illogically with a hand like QQ,JJ or AT. Once the villain 3 bets the turn, it validates what I already knew on the flop, so I can safely fold the turn even though im getting huge odds to call down. Again, in this situation these huge odds you are getting is just an illusion becuz you are drawing dead.

River: Given that you called the turn, I would call the river. The pot is huge, and no human being is sane 100% of the time. Who knows, maybe his call button didnt work so he was forced to use the raise button every time. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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