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Default Re: OOT rules - piracy?

Disclaimer: look at my title, I guess I'm a hypocrite

Opinion: Not guilty of the top count, possibly guilty of a lesser included charge. No actual request for links to pirated material = not piracy. IIRC the forum can only be liable if live links to copyrighted material or sites hosting such copyrighted material are posted and not removed when reported. If the post was as you say it was, and I say that only because I didn't see it, and you requested names of material to put in this collection, and not sources to steal it from, then the deletion may still have been justifed, but IMHO the * was not. If I were in astro's position, I'd be far more likely to find a way to * you for a NSFW violation, not piracy.

Then again, the way Astro worded his rule there, technically telling someone to go to Walmart and steal a DVD is an offense....

Astro is an unbearable zealot on this issue. I got two stars for one OOT post about piracy. You can talk in great detail about every illegal activity concievable by the human mind in OOT, but if you make a reply like: "I d/led a soundtrack off p2pSoftwareX and didn't like it because..." you are scum and a breath from ban. I hope he gets gored by a boar.

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You forgot to offer him your girlfriend for a *.
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