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Default Re: Thoughts on Line?

The top gap in your small card run really marginalizes this hand and I wouldn't like to be playing it anywhere other than in a free blind or possibly in late position. The one exception to this would be in a raised pot heads up against someone marked with A-A-x-x that will overplay their hand on small card boards.

The flop is a decent one for you, but by no means stellar. You are really only in good shape against a naked set. You could be totally dominated by a better straight/flush draw. Thus, you really need the field narrowed. Leading out isn't going to accomplish this. So, if you are going to commit to this pot, I would go for the check/raise to push out better straight and flush draws. You are screwed if someone has a better straight and flush draw, but thats life.

As played, I don't really like your turn bet. Most often, the nut boat or quads is going to make a small bet here, like 1/4 to 1/2 pot. These smaller bets will help get your boats paid off when you have them and save you money on failed bluffs when you don't have them.

Once you get called on the turn, it is time to go limp, especially out of position. So, check/folding the turn is a real no brainer.
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