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Default Re: i had a dream last night that the colts went 16-0

Yeah, the Vince Wilfork beat the ever loving piss out of that O-line. Still, I think it's important to remember that the Pats beat up on a team that was a) roughly average and b) not a good matchup. The Bucs don't have a great O-Line and rely on a very complicated short passing offense. This, of course, completely masks the secondary deficiency the current Pats have. Teams with good O-Lines and medium-to-long passing attacks should be able to expose the defense. Fortunately for the Pats, those teams are like, uh, the Colts and Bengals, maybe the Seahawks.

[/ QUOTE ]

The Colts O line didn't look so great yesterday. Especially w/ their injury at RG (name escapes me right now)

Everyone keeps talking about the Pats secondary being so terrible - and I agree it's not great - but who did the Patriots have at the corners last year vs. the Colts? I believe the starters were Asante Samuel and Randall Gay. Not much different than Samuel and Hobbs.

I grant that Harrison is a big loss, but Sanders has looked better lately - he is a rookie after all.

The front 7, meanwhile, will probably be BETTER than it was a year ago, when Seymour didn't play.
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