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Default Re: Slow play or not?

The general consensus is to pot it, and that's exactly what I did. The player who bet into me went into a long thought process but released his hand. I didn't want to bet small because I felt it might commit him to the pot, or he would feel committed, and might draw out on me. I realize that I should have made a continuation bet on the flop, since I had taken the lead preflop, and the board was not overly threatening. That was a mistake.

I assume he was on a straight draw, or non nut flush draw, and I didn't want to let him catch. I was hoping he had a smaller set and would move all in and pay me off (unless he hit miracle quads, but that's a risk we all have to take). Whatever he had he didn't see the river.

BTW, Great post on the math behind the hand Silent that was a very good read.
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