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Default Looking for a NL coach (University of Illinois area)

I live very close to University of Illinois and just finished college (Millikin). If anyone lives around here and doesn't mind me watching them play that would be very cool.

Also if anyone would want to watch me play that would be good too. I am a winning player multitabling the 200NL full ring tables, but have recently came into a big downswing which made me realize I need work and my winrate is thinner than it should be. I am also looking to learn 6-max. We can figure out some sort of compensation but it is not going to be extremely large. It would be nice to meet other online players in the area since there are not many that go to my school (mainly a fine arts school)

I teach guitar (5 years) and also DJ (over 100 shows) and optimally would like to trade lessons/services, but we can work something out.

PM me if anyone is interested.